I'm Hunter Skrasek from Austin, Texas, striving to improve the world one challenge at a time.

I'm a web developer based in Austin who began programming in PHP at 14. My initial PHP projects were relatively unstructured, often called "spaghetti code," I wasn't familiar with Object-Oriented Programming since I was self-taught. Years later, I've picked up skills in MVC, OOP, Version Control, Agile, and more. After graduating from St. Edwards University in May 2014, I delved into creating RESTful APIs, quickly becoming my passion.

As I honed my craft, I started delving into more leadership-based roles, with my first foray into management six months into my current job. I learned many valuable skills in managing and mentoring software engineers of various skill levels. Still, while I'm good at "people management," it is not my main focus.

Recently I've been allowed to focus on what I enjoy and believe I'm truly good at, which is architecting systems. I can combine my technical knowledge with my "people skills" to make projects leap from thoughts and ideas to actual implementation.