I've spoken at local conference, meetup groups, and podcasts

I've often referred to myself as an introvert, but one of the things I love doing more than programming is talking about my work and special interest. Over the years I've had numerous opportunities to speak at conferences, on podcasts, and local meetup groups.


Papers, Please! Authentication with Laravel Passport

Longhorn PHP 2018

How secure is your API? As the prevalence of REST/SOAP API’s has grown, so has the need to secure your data. In the past implementing something like OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0 would be up to you entirely.


API Gateways, Service Meshes, oh my!

APIs You Won't Hate (the podcast), March 2021

Matt and Phil are joined by API developer Hunter Skrasek, a friend of the pod, to talk about his experiences moving their APIs from a monolith to a microservices architecture and his team is utilizing API Gateways and Service Meshes.


Type Safety and Compilation Checks: How Static Analysis Can Benefit Your Team

Austin PHP, April 2023

Numerous technologies exist for creating web applications, with PHP and JavaScript being the most prevalent. Their dynamic typing and runtime execution capabilities allow for a seamless transition from prototype to finished product. However, as apps grow in complexity and significance in our everyday lives, the absence of type safety and compilation checks might be felt. In this presentation, we will explore the concept of static analysis and its potential to enhance your team's software development process.