I’m an Austin based web developer that started programming in PHP when I was 14. When I first started programming in PHP it was all spaghetti code, and I wasn’t even aware Object Oriented Programming was a thing, since I was self taught. Fast forward eight years and I have learned a couple of things, such as MVC, OOP, Version Control, Agile, and more. After graduating from St. Edwards University this May (2014), I started working on RESTful API’s, and it’s become my new favorite thing to do.

I love working with new technologies, and finding new and clever ways to improve the quality and architecture of my code. Which is great, because Perk.com allows me to do just that while building the API’s to power our numerous mobile apps.


Hunter Skrasek

The thoughts and opinions of Hunter Skrasek, a 23 year old web developer based out of Austin, Texas.

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