My Trip to India - Day Five

Thankfully day five started later than usual, allowing me to get some more sleep. Today we went to visit a local orphanage that sponsors and donates money to each month.

Finding the orphanage was the first leg of the adventure, our CEO knew where it was, but giving directions in India is slightly different than in the states. Most navigation here is based on landmarks, and what your destination is near. But, one of our co-workers who lives in the area just happened to run into us and was able to guide us the rest of the way. Getting to see the orphanage and all the kids was quite a humbling experience, and I am so glad I work for a company that is willing to do this level of community outreach. The company at a time posted about this on its Facebook page, but I found out that sadly individuals could not appreciate charity that wasn't being given to the US. What people fail to realize is that the dollar can go so much further in making a difference in these children's lives here in Bangalore. I hope that as the company gets bigger over the years we are able to expand our community outreach to other countries.

Walking up to the orphanage

Orphanage entrance with all the kids

The kids performing some dances for us

Old bike in the alleyway near the orphanage, thought looked cool for some reason.

After the orphanage trip and a quick lunch, we headed back to the hotel to quickly change and freshen up for a company outing. We've had a few of these at the Austin office, but I was not prepared for the amount of fun that this party entailed. The venue for the party was quite far away from the office and the hotel, so I got to see more of Bangalore as we drove out there, and boy are highways different here. As a company first, the crew from America actually beat most of the Bangalore crew, which was awesome. There was tug of war, which we won all thanks to me! Not really, but I can dream right? Food and drinks of course, oh and dancing. I was "encouraged" to dance and represent the Austin team. Apparently I represented well, but after the fact my poor poor legs were so sore I could barely walk for a good part of the party, but boy was it fun.

My outfit for the evening

Venue photo one

Venue photo two

Dancing and music oh my!

Party selfie, it was a bit hot outside

After getting lost for a bit on the way back to the hotel, my coworkers and I finally making it back. I grabbed some drinks with the coworkers still awake/functioning at the rooftop bar before heading to bed for some much needed sleep. Not looking forward to the sore legs in the morning