My Trip to India - Day Four

Today was probably the best Friday I've had at work in a long while, I didn't get to do a single bit of programming at all, but I am actually okay with that. Today we joined the Bangalore team in a game of cricket. It was a tad hot outside, I'm not a huge heat or sun kinda guy, but overall it was a blast. I still am not sure how to play cricket, but I was able to earn the "American" team a few runs, and I to my understanding we won.. and even if we didn't, I'm still gonna count it as a spiritual win.

The cricket field, reminds me of Sandlot

I can actually hit the ball with this thing, baseball bats? Not so much

After the cricket game, we went to the nearby mall to grab lunch in the food court, and I actually wound up getting McDonalds. First thing I noticed and was quickly reminded of, all the items were chicken or vegetable based due to beef not being sold, so I went with a McChicken instead of my usual Big Mac. After that it was off to the office.

I knew today was Holi, and was expecting to be covered in color at some point in time. What I wasn't expecting was being ambushed by the Bangalore team and being just covered head to toe in the bright neon chalk. Either way, it was awesome, and such an amazing experience and celebration. Thanks to Abin for the following photos from the celebration.

Just finished getting covered in colors... mostly

How can you say no to such a loveable colorful face?

After Holi celebrations, and a much needed shower, I finally got a chance to go to the rooftop bar to get a drink or two and check out the bar. Let me tell you, this bar looks awesome. Some of the designs I would totally but in my house... if I lived in a house instead of an apartment... and if I could even afford the decorations.. let alone the house. It was definitely a nice place to chill and hang out with a few coworkers before dinner.

I want the floors in my house to look like this

The fountain with the matching floor lights is a nice touch

These tables are awesome, I want a table thats as cool as this

But after a nice dinner and conversation with my boss and the company CEO, I am tired and ready to head to bed. We have a long day tomorrow visiting an orphanage, and swinging by the office to get some work done. Oh and I think some fun, playtime things as well after working... though I find programming fun so work is in itself pretty fun.