My Trip to India - Day Six

Day six started a tad later than usual, on the account of the company party (aka hangovers) and being out late. Thankfully, no hangovers for me, but boy oh boy was I sore thanks to all the dancing from last night. Got to experience getting room service for the first time, which was nice, mainly because I was tired and not ready to be social in the morning.

Today we finally went to Orion mall to catch a movie and do some shopping, with a quick stop at Chilis to grab some lunch. I find it funny that malls in the US and Bangalore at least are basically the same setup. The only difference is that the top floor had a sort of mini market, which is where I did some shopping for friends and family.

Arriving at Orion Mall

Pretty cool area around the mall

Of course we go to Chili's in India, why not?

Well this is a pretty swanky movie theater

After shopping we came back to the hotel to end what was a very low key and chill day. Now to begin another week in India and get back to work, apologies for the boring/slow day, I'm sure more will come up during the week before I head back to the states.