My Trip to India - Day Ten

What a first leg of the journey back home. We left the hotel at 3am to get to the airport for our 7am flight, and let me tell you... I felt great running on zero sleep... not. But after getting some sleep on the plane, and a very long flight, we made it to London!

A quick trip through customs, and the purchase of a day pass and we were on our way to the hotel through the tube. The tube by the way, is awesome. I wish we had this setup in more places around America, because I would just ride the tube and walk to work everyday if that option was available to me back in Austin.

Time to ride the tube for the first time

Once we checked into the hotel, we went to this pub next door called The Swan, where I was able to have some authentic fish & chips and some cider. Gotta say, America needs to step up its cider and fish & chips game, because everything I had at this hole in the wall pub was delicious. After a few drinks and some food, it was back to the tube and off to the London Eye! Thanks to Dan setting us up with some tickets, we had the chance to take a spin on the London Eye, and the view was amazing. I took way to many pictures to post them all on here, but the London skyline is such a great thing to look at.

The London Eye!

Caught a glimpse of Big Ben

More of the London Skyline

After the trip on the London Eye, we decided to take a quick tube ride over to another part of town that happened to drop us off right at Big Ben, so we could hit up another pub for another drink.

Big Ben up close and personal

But after that pub trip, and a trip through the tube I'm not back at the hotel finishing this post up and getting ready for bed. Sadly my clock is still on Bangalore time, and when I'm writing this, it's roughly 1:30am IST so I'm pretty tired. Just one more flight at 11am-ish tomorrow, and I'll finally be back home in the states, and this series of blog posts will come to an end.