My Trip to India - Day Three

Day three of the India trip, and it wasn't as bad as Blake made it out to be. Definitely tired by the end of the day, and almost didn't want to write this, but it was good. After eating a huge breakfast, since we usually just skip lunch while at the office, I decided to make a Hyperlapse from the hotel to the office. It actually turned out very well, and just shows how ridiculous the traffic is here.

Morning in India, from the hotel

Dressed nice and still trying to wake up

A huge breakfast... for me anyway

Work was productive, the day was long, but it was nice to come back to the hotel and grab a nice dinner. Tomorrow is supposed to be an exciting day, full of office cricket tournaments and Holi celebrations. So for now, I'll leave y'all with some photos from this morning and dinner, and will be sure to let you know how cricket and Holi turned out.

Very fancy Chinese restaurant

Dinner with most the team... and Berman photo bombing