My Trip to India - Day Two

My first full day in India without any flights, and a very very comfortable bed. Due to writing the yesterdays blog post, I didn't get a full eight hours of sleep, so this time I decided to be smart and started to write this before we leave for dinner.

Today was a pretty straight forward day, haven't had a chance to explore India yet, but we still have at least a week before we leave. Actually managed to get a good amount of work today, with meetings and coding, and made it through the day without feeling too tired or drowsy.

Oh, remember how I mentioned I forgot to get a picture of where I'm setup in the office? Well, I have fixed that today, and by I, I mean my boss took a picture of us which I stole from Facebook. Basically the same thing right?

Business business business

Dinner tonight was at Riwaz, a restaurant located within the hotel and my first experience with India food (or as my co-worker joked "what they just call 'food' here"), and it was actually pretty good. I've always avoided the food because I've been told it can be very spicy, and when you have acid reflux problems like I do, spicy food is not the best thing for you so I'm glad I was finally able to give it a try. Yet another long dinner, but I was able to have a glass or two of Riesling, my favorite white wine, and had a blast with co-workers.

Pretty swanky dining room

Now to prepare for the next day, which according to my boss who has done this trip many times now, is the worst day jet lag wise. Lets see if he's speaking the truth, or just pulling our chains.